About TapestryX

Academic research-backed, real-time, distributed Consistency & Completeness without the need for consensus. This is the power of TapestryX.

What will the world look like when financial transactions are digitized and the ability to transact is at the consumer’s fingertips?  What benefits to consumers and the economy will come with real-time settlement?  What if every person had the ability to access and share their medical records securely across the healthcare system?  How much more efficient and resilient will global supply chains be when the necessary logistical and financial information is immediately available to all parties?

Like the TCP/IP protocol revolutionized communications and ushered in the Internet on a mass scale, TapestryX will do the same for all kinds of transactions: payments, securities trading, commerce, and confidential data.  We provide a distributed platform for transactions, data structuring and sharing, and reporting for the world’s advanced digital ecosystems.

TapestryX saw the world-changing potential of distributed technology while recognizing the limitations and risks of the contemporary blockchain designs and decentralized digital asset platforms.

Addressing the performance, we designed a DLT with the following game-changing capabilities:

        Real-time, scalable, high-capacity, and self-synchronizing (no need for consensus)

        Double-entry accounting and GAAP configurable with real-time trial balance monitoring

        Event-driven updates with flexible, simple, and customizable scripting

●     Interoperable with legacy platforms and infrastructure

With our revolutionary design, our goal is to support real-time, scalable and high-capacity distributed ledger networks for institutional and retail financial services, industry, governments, service providers and data managers with simple configurable transactional inputs and reporting while significantly reducing risks, costs, errors and corruption.

TapestryX: A Transaction Protocol for the World

The simple API-driven input and output configuration and processing and the generic deterministic scripts aligned with the asset, process and life-cycle agnostic protocol allows TapestryX to be easily and quickly deployed in all industries and for all use-cases.  Backed by prestigious, globally experienced managers, advisors and investors, L4S helps its clients deploy TapestryX in three stages.

  •         Workbench planning

            Pre-Production Workbench implementation

            Production Implementation 

Meet Our Team

TapestryX team includes 30+ development engineers being led by product development leadership with over 75 years of combined experience in delivering software products to the market.

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