Scalability & High-Capacity Throughput

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s most popular blockchain platforms is the ever-expanding active memory required to validate transactions, creating an almost insurmountable roadblock to enterprise-level scalability.  TapestryX’s unique, patented design allows for separate but linked immutable transaction and balance ledgers.  The active memory requirements are, like today’s ledger processing, only the opening balances and current period’s transactions.  Previous transaction periods are immutably linked to the current period, and then archived.  Thus, they are not required to be stored in active memory.

TapestryX’s self-synchronizing distributed ledger allows the ledger updates and validation to be completed without the need for the competition of mining, consensus algorithms or independent validators. This makes both the generation and validation of transactions real-time, very high capacity and computationally, linearly scalable.

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