TapestryX™ is a real-time, high-capacity, secure and scalable, decentralized B2B transaction synchronization and double-entry accounting protocol designed to

     Each Node controls its segment of the entire, interlinked platform ledger

     Event-driven and self-synchronizing

     Each Node posts asset transfer details as well as (future-dated) obligations into immutable ledgers.

     Flexible Accounting Periods (e.g., day) driving the pace of archiving hashed blocks of ledger records

     Simple, deterministic scripts (asset & life-cycle agnostic)

     Interoperable with legacy infrastructure

     Confidential and Secure

     Configurable for proper GAAP or IFRS Financial Reporting

     Decentralized initiation of transaction, validation and processing – no single point of failure

     High Performance and Resilient to Cyber attacks

Consistency and Completeness of all Decentralized Ledgers without reliance on mining, consensus, or independent validators.


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