Supply Chain


Supply chains are customized, inflexible networks that centrally control the movement of goods or inventory and do not fully account for point to point updates. They struggle to work efficiently between different entities and are difficult to integrate with different suppliers. All monetary settlements and trade financing are managed separately and are dependent on reconciled consignment settlements which can take months to be resolved. There are many areas where supply chains can be improved. According to Zion Market Research, global blockchain technology in supply chains is expected to reach USD 3153.7 million by 2028.


Tapestry X provides a means for physical to digital synchronization across complex networks or network of networks of supply chains. The distributed ledger is segmented so that participants need only maintain what they need to, and there is no reliance on third parties or broader network participation. The data can be configured to be as transparent or as confidential as necessary. Different entities can provide limited, permissioned access to upstream and downstream entities as needed. It is easy to integrate payments, financing and trade finance within the network, allowing easier cashflow projections and reduced exposure and financing expense through quicker settlements.

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